Thursday, April 28, 2011

Late night pumping

Pumping, ugh! Pumping now as I write this. Pumping now for the third time today.  Pumping now at night, while both my babies are sleep.  (My LO and DH) Pumping, ugh!  I hate pumping sometimes, especially at work.  Pumping, for my daughter to have bottles while I’m gone.  Haven’t been pumping enough this week, been waking up late getting to work late, both resulting in missed pump sessions resulting in less milk for my daughter while I am away.  But bless the LORD I haven’t had to dip in to the glorious freezer stash of 30oz!  Pumping now just to pump.  Not worrying about how much I pump but just want to pump before I go to bed.  Pumping.  Wish I had pumped more maybe I could have gone to the movies this week, but oh well, I’m pumping now.  Pumping.  Pump Pump Pump, Pumping.

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