Friday, July 15, 2011

The Baby Brezza and Me

I knew I wanted to make my own baby food when I was pregnant.  I looked up different appliances to use and found just one made by a French company called Beaba Babyfcook. 
This product steamed and pureed the food all in the same appliance. I watched youtube videos and all, but felt that $150 dollars was a lot for such a small appliance.  

Then I heard about the Baby Brezza, this was just like the Beba, except you didn’t have to stop to remove the steam basket then put the food back in to blend.  It did it all at once: genius!  This was the product I had been waiting for.
 I was so exited when they were finally on the shelfs at Babies R Us.  I went out to buy one immediately.  I started out making apple sauce, yams, carrots, string beans, etc.  It was going great, until a little part fell off of the bottom of the bowl.  This part was integral because without it attached it would not blend.  So I went to Babies R Us to exchange it for a new one.  I started my baby food making again, this time mixing it up:  sting beans and carrots, apples and pears, then during the blend mode it would make this funny noise.  Then the blender just all together stopped working.  Ah.  Back to the store.  Exchange.  

The customer service rep asked if I wanted store credit or a new machine.  My eyes glanced over at this FOA baby food maker that cost around the same price, and considered trying a new machine, but I had already gotten used to this one so I just exchanged it again.  I continued making delicious baby food for my darling, and then after like two weeks, the dam machine just would not turn on.  I tried using different outlets, unplugged it and plugged it back in over and over, and nothing.

My heart was broken, seriously.  I took it back to the store for the final time and this time I did ask for store credit.  I was tired of lugging the box back and forth.  Tired of wondering if it was going to work this time.  Tired of prepping food and then being disappointed that something went wrong.  I don’t know why I felt so attached to this product.  I really wanted it to work for me but it didn’t.  

A few days later I pulled out my Oster steamer that I have had for years in the cabinet and my regular food processor and just started making her food from there.  And you know what?  Came out just fine!

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