Friday, April 3, 2015

Black Girls Rock #whitegirlsrock Vent

Whenever I hear white people give the "if I started a white group" theory I often question: Do you want to start a white group? If so, what would be the purpose? If not, why pose the hypothetical? Is someone stopping you from starting a white group? Truth is, in my experiance, since high school, there have always been a select minority of white people who had black friends, so they naturally attened our Black Student Union meetings, FAITHFULLY every week. No one stood at the door and said BLACKS ONLY. But maybe that is the imporession some people get when they see a group that is based on race/ethnicity. In high school, a group of white kids made the same typical claim, "if we starded a white club, everyone would call us racisit" They started their club, and no one bat an eye. Their club didn't last long because the point they were trying to prove fell short of evidence. In college we had a multi cultural club, and white students joined in and felt they wanted to start a European American club to explore their Eurpoean heritage as well as American white provaledge amonst themselvs. No one protested and no one called them racisit. This is my experiance, and I think about this every time I hear someone ask, "why have a single race group?" Same reason you have a moms group, or a mens group, or a breastfeeding group, or singles group, or a babywearing group, or an autism group, or a deaf group, or a braille club, because people who share the same experiance can relate to one another and offer support in a way that outsideres cannot.

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