Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My work flow for home made babyfood

Although my little one is a year now and most times she eats what we as a family eat, I still prepare separate food for her for several reasons.  One, unfortunately we still eat on the run a lot and I don't want to give my precious baby fast food at such a young age.  Also sometimes I cook with a lot of spices and/or I'm frying something is too much grease.  I posted earlier how when I started making babyfood, I used a specific babyfood maker.  Well once that had to be returned I used a different work flow and I wanted to share it here.

First I steam 3 foods at a time using a double decker steamer.

I usually put rice in the nice little grain basket I had from the Baby Brezza accessories.

The rice and some vegetable can sit on one level and I usually do yams on the bottom level.   After they steam for about 30 minutes I put the yams and veggies receptively in the food processor for blending.  I sometimes add a little water if it's too thick.

Then I add it to her little food containers and freeze!  I can usually make about a months worth of food or more at a time so it's not too much work at all.  I use a few different food containers, like the ones from Babies R Us.

I also use this time to make little popsicles for my little one.  She loves pears, apples and I even use yams to make little frozen treats.  These are great for teething, self feeding and just a nice fruit treat.  No added sugar or preservatives!

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