Thursday, July 28, 2011

My favorite Breastfeeding things...

Ok so I was listening to the Diana Ross version of "My Favorite Things" and I started thinking about my favorite "breastfeeding" things.  Here is my list, not in any order:

  1. Medela's Ice Pack--I have used others but this ice pack keeps my milk fresh for the longest period of time.
  2. Motherlove's Nipple Cream--Soft and smooth, and full of good organic ingredients.
  3. Medela's bottle caps (the one's with dates)--Oh yes!  I was so thorough with that masking tape, these things are so much more convenient! I LOVE them, for reals........for relas for reals!
  4. Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra--OMG, this is one of those things like once you go hands free, you just DONT go back!  Why didn't my lactation consultant tell me about this?  Thank you internet.  If you don't know you betta ask somebody.
  5. Boppy--I love this pillow, the best thing to nurse with.
  6. Earth Mama Booby Tubes--When I can't take a hot shower, I love putting these things in my bra to help the flow while pumping.
  7. Mother's Milk Tea--Oh yea, I drink a pot of this at night with 7 bags brewing, add some honey, and go to sleep.  In the morning......MILK time!  Pumping on 1 boob, nursing on the other :-) 
  8. Nursing Sleepy Bra--T-shirt comfort, I love it!

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