Friday, August 26, 2011

Japanese Yam, Brown Rice and Coconut Milk

So the other day I was shopping at Whole Foods looking for sweet potatoes.  I didn't find them but I did see some Japanese Yams.  They looked just like regular Yams to me so I bought them.  Little did I know that when you peel them, the inside is white!

This frightened me at first because I have never cooked these before and I worried that my little one would not like them.  I steamed them anyway and did a quick google search on the Japanese Yam.  

Simultaneously I steamed some organic brown Basmati rice in coconut milk, I use the unsweetened kind for my cooking.

When they were all done I tasted the yam and to my surprise it was sweeter than a the sweet potato I was used to.  I mixed the rice and yams together in the food processor and added more coconut milk to make a nice thick puree for my baby.  She loves it, and I like it too.

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