Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sex and Breastfeeding

This weekend I was discussing nursing with friends and sex came up in the discussion.  I found it odd that some women have to stop nursing because their partner has an issue with it, as it relates to the bedroom.  So glad that has never been an issue for me.  After the discussion I got online and came across two breastfeeding headlines that are on totally opposite sides of the fence.  First, a dad writes an article venting about how seeing his wife nurse their 5 year old son turns him off sexually.  (See article here)

On the other hand, another father says that latching on and nursing during sex has cured his erection problems.  (See video here)

What are you thoughts?  Have you ever had this discussion with friends?  Has breastfeeding ever been an issue positive or negative in the bedroom?

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