Friday, September 13, 2013

Julie Chen and her Plastic Surgery To Look 'Less Chinese'

I'm just saying, I'm really tired of people, women in particular acting like they didn't sell themselves out. Just admit it!  Yes, it hurt for someone to tell you the way you naturally look will not get you success in America.  So you went to the doctor and changed your face.  

YES!  You gave into 'the man' and PLEASE do not take consolation from Ms. Underwood!  And, Sharon Osborne ought to be ashamed of herself for saying it was the 'right thing to do' UGH that made me sick.  Sarah your comment was too cliché.  

Instead of talking about the racism in her old supervisor's comments, the racism in the idea that Asian eyes look disinterested, they console Julie for changing her appearance, they make her feel like looking more European was the RIGHT move.  Why can't we own up to our own self hate and insecurities and just say, maybe that was a bad decision, I wish I didn't have to do that to get ahead.  Or, yea I want to be white and famous, and I will do any and everything I have to do to get there, I have no conscious. 

Chen says, "Nobody is more proud of my culture than I am", mm hmm, that is why I had surgery to change the way I look.  Get out of here!

Oh yea, before I get off my rant, why is she only talking about her eyes?  It is clear there was more work done than just the eyes!

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