Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sheryl Underwood Apologizes...My Point of View

I have been debating about writing about this, but I do want to explore this topic and get it off my chest. Just for the record, I have never been a fan of Sheryl Underwood even before her "don't save afro hair, but save white hair" comments.  I really do not like her brand of comedy.  It reminds me of Steve Harvey, and I almost laughed when I found out that it was the Steve Harvey Morning show that she used to voice her apology.

In any event, when I heard of Sheryl Underwood's comments, I was not really as outraged by her comments as I was by Sara Gilbert's laughter, and the rest of the table's laughter as well.  I guess I just expect Underwood to say some ignorant mess and in a way I feel sorry for her.  I really think she has some self esteem issues at hand.

Nevertheless, I used to respect Sara Gilbert and the opinions she shared on The Talk.  I remember on one episode they were discussing extended breastfeeding and everyone was saying how gross it was, she was one of the only ones who stood up for mothers who breastfeed beyond a year.  I was disappointed that Sara didn't say anything in response to Underwood. She could have said something very short and simple, like "hair is hair" and kept it pushing.  Or she could have challenged Underwood and asked her why she felt it was ok to save white hair but not black hair?  But no, she said nothing, and then laughed in agreement with Underwood.  Truth be told that angered me more. I have white friends and white people who have married into my family and I expect them to stand up to ignorance just as I would anyone else.  But that is where the whole hash tag #solidarityisforwhitewomen came from.

If we are to move forward we have to be united against ignorance no matter who it comes from.  So many people are saying that Aisha Tyler should have spoken up because she is black, and I agree she could have said something.  But the comment was made to Sara and I hold her responsible for her laughter and her lack of support for black natural hair.  That is how I feel.  Is it too much to expect from white people to not laugh at self hating black folk?  Naw I don't think so.  Sheryl was wrong for her comments and so was Sara, she shouldn't have laughed. Just saying.

Sara Gilbert

Sheryl Underwood

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