Saturday, May 28, 2011


So this week I finally introduced grains into my little one's diet.  Well actually a seeds, but some still put it in the grain category.  I made a cereal from Quiona flakes, and it was pretty easy to make.  Just boil water, then add flakes and boom, in about a minute it was done.  I fed it to her plain and she ate it but made a face like, um mommy what is this ish?  So then I mixed it with mashed bananas and it was all good.  

I like Quiona because it is naturally high in iron, no fortification necessary, plus it's got protein and a lot of other naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.  I tried some with butter and sugar added for my own taste and it's not that bad.  I think I may be able to get used to it.  I have used regular Quinoa in beef soup and I loved it!  But for now it's a great food for baby. 

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