Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This Fathers day I want to give a shot out to my dear husband, a handsome, sexy, loving man who has been so supporting of breastfeeding.  He makes sure he washes all of my pump parts before we go to bed and helps me pack my pump bag in the morning.  He gently reminds me to pump when I am tired.  He encourages me to nurse in public!  He is very supportive of me nursing anywhere and is always there to comfort me when I feel insecure.  Also he was the first to enforce the policy that we not bring bottles for our baby if I am present to nurse.  He makes funny jokes about how our LO makes backflips while nursing and he jokingly but confidently lets people know that out LO may nurse as long as she wants.  Happy Fathers day to a loving husband who is an awesome supporter of breastfeeding. I love you baby!

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