Thursday, August 11, 2011

Star Jones and the Today Show crew

"We understand that breastfeeding is natural and feeding a child is the most natural thing." Star Jones

So over a month after the incident with Afrykayn Moon and the Detroit Smart Bus driver   the Today Show decided to adress the topic with Donny Deutsch, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Star Jones.  

Summary: Dr. Snyderman starts off defending nursing in public, the host, Savannah Guthrie quickly turns the conversation around comparing breastfeeding to using the restroom!  Then come Star Jones with her "Happy Meal" comment, and we end with Deutsch closing the conversation because he wasn't breastfed.

Our society is not geard to embrace what's "natural."  Jones stated that breastfeeding is natural, but condemns a mom for breastfeeding if her child can ask for a Happy Meal (a very un-natural meal).  Um excuse me, I'd rather have my child ask for breastmilk than for a Happy Meal.  But that is what our society has come to, we would rather have kids ask for junk with a toy, than for immune boosting, vitamin rich milk.  

Deutsch also expresses his discomfort with his 8 year old daughter seeing breastfeeding because he may have to explain to her the "natural" use for breasts.  I hope he also blocks her from watching TV shows like Glee and anything MTV, because those shows are far worse for a little girl to be exposed to than a breastfeeding mother.

I  do not understand why some people are so bothered by the act of breastfeeding.  I think we as a nation have a lot of soul searching to do.  We are very uncomfortable with what is natural, but find normalcy in distortion of food, bodies and life.

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