Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gabby Douglas' Hair and Media Created Hype

When I first heard of the "so called controversy" surrounding Gabby's hair, my thoughts were, really who is saying that?  At what point did a few ignorant comments on twitter become the black popular opinion? And when did a few negative statements on facebook garner the attention of media giants like CNN and NPR?

I really believe that many media outlets are desperate for a story.  They saw one small blog articulate the comments of a few ignorant tweeters and made it a headline.  Now the world will look at black folks and say, "they can't appreciate a gold medal."  When in fact, the majority of black people are overjoyed at her accomplishments and flooded with pride.

I tried, I really tried to find these so called "critics" who were bashing Gabby, but I found more people bashing these invisible "critics" than I found people hating on Gabby's hair.  More people were saying how we (black folk) are tearing each other down, as though we are like crabs in a barrel.  But the reality is, we ARE celebrating Gabby!   However, a few bloggers and journalists who are thirsty for five seconds of fame run these stories, and they inadvertently help the mainstream media paint a picture of black folks trash-talking down a 16 year old history maker.  

Let's be real, a few people talking trash on twitter is nothing new, and it is NOT news. Move on.

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