Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the Beginning...

Growing up I always knew my breast were different.  Looking at my mothers breast and other women in the locker room told me that my girls marched to a different tune.  However, I never talked about it to anyone and never really thought it was a big deal.  I just figured, hey my boobs are unique.  

It was 3 days after the birth of my first child, when I walked into the office of my Lactation Consultant.  I lifted my shirt as my husband held our baby, then the Lactation Consultant looked at my breast and said, “You got, FLAT NIPPLES and you’re engorged.”  My heart dropped as if I had been diagnosed with some terrible disease.  

She then went on to get the Medela Symphony pump, hooked me up to it  and watched as my liqid gold droped into each bottle.  “Wow,” my husband said as  he was impressed as the milk came in.  She then went on to bottle fed my baby 2oz of my breastmilk, and told me to take the other 2oz home.  

At the time I felt like it was a positive meeting: I was feeding my daughter breastmilk as opposed to formula.  But later on I realized that she wasn’t helping me all that much.  She never actually taught me how to BreastFEED my child with my flat nipples.  She handed me some nipple shields, that she didn’t show me how to use, and sent me home with several pump part accessories and a manual Medela Lactina pump which was too much manual for me to use.  I eventually figured it out with lots of trial and error and online research, thanks youtube!

This is my story and the beginning of my journey as I progress along as a mommy with FLAT NIPPLES.

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