Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Pumping Tips...Things that work for me (rd)

  1. Nurse/Pump as often as possible
  2. Pump and nurse simultaneously, when you wake up and come home from work.
  3. Pump and drive! 
  4. Pump at work, right before your workday starts, even if its only 5 minutes (this shortens the gap between your last nursing session and your first lunch/pump break)
  5. Diet--eat oatmeal, and other foods that help your milk flow. Also drink lots of water. 
  6. Only let baby have a bottle when you are not there!
  7. Pump right after a hot shower while baby is sleep.
  8. If you can't take a hot shower, place a hot towel on breasts or use booby tubes
  9. Relax while pumping, and think of baby
  10. If stressed, find things that take stress away, like music, walk on beach, etc.  Whatever works to take away stress for you!
  11. If necessary take supplements like fenugreek or Motherlove More Milk Plus or drink Mother's Milk Tea.
  12. Don't worry or stress over how much milk you produce, just keep pumping and moving forward! 

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